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All expenses are pro-rated   

Per Show (per day)                                         $75.00

Specialty Shows                                             $100.00

Exclusive Fly In                                            please request price

Boarding per day                                        $25.00   Extra cost for grooming and conditioning

   Please do not hesitate to contact Bonnie for a quote prior to any show.  

   All prices are subject to HST          US shows are charged in US funds





Date: ____________Professional Services Agreement between Bonnie Fisher and






Phone:________________________________ Fax: _____________________________


Dog’s Reg’d Name:



Birth Date: _________________________  Call Name: __________________________


Breed: __________________________________________________________________


Place of Birth:________________ CKC#________________Elsewhere Reg.#_________


Breeder: ________________________________________________________________


Owner: _________________________________________________________________


Sire: ___________________________________________________________________


Dam: ___________________________________________________________________

Handling Charges (per show): Additional Charges:

Regular Classes: ________________ Airport Pickup/Delivery (each way):_________


Specialties: _____________USA Shows:____________USA Nationals: ____________ Show conditioning and boarding (per day/ week/ month) _______________________


The client agrees to pay all charges: After each show     or      Monthly     (circle one)


-          Expenses (meals, lodging, parking, transportation, etc) will be pro-rated among clients, per show.

-          The client shall be responsible for booking with the handler any show in which they wish their dog entered.

-          In the event a client withdraws a dog from a show after the close of entries, the client shall pay the handler any fees relating thereto (unless otherwise arranged)

-          The client shall be provided with marked tear sheets, prizes and ribbons as soon as possible after each show. All cash awards shall remain in the handler’s possession.

-          If for any reason the dog requires veterinary attention, any fees charged shall be reimbursed to the handler. Although every precaution will be taken to avoid any incident, the handler cannot be held responsible should any ill-fortune befall your dog.

-          The handler will exercise due care and precautions but will not be held responsible for escape, self-inflicted damage, theft, injury inflicted by other animals, illness, loss or any other unavoidable occurrences.

-          Any special diet requirements or supplements are at the owner’s expense, and shall be carried out by the handler, as per the owner’s request.

-          Two-percent (2%) interest per month will be charged on invoices outstanding after 30 days.

-          The handler may retain possession of the dog until all charges under the terms of this agreement have been paid.

-          All dogs will be shown personally, except under circumstances beyond the handler's control, at which time it is understood that another competent handler of the handler's choosing will replace the handler.


Client: ______________________________________ Handler:__________________________________

I would like to thank you for your consideration in choosing me as your handler